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Winter is Warmer When I Am With You!

cold winters day

Well Winter has well and truely arrived in Adelaide South Australia it’s been raining quite heavily and the winds have been fierce. Don’t fall into the trap it’s easy for man and pet to stay inside in the warmth of their home. This though is not good for either. We still need to be active during the winter months; exercise is very important for bblog 15oth mind and body. Australians are amongst the moat obese people in the world and our pets can also become obese if we do not encourage them to remain active and give them the right food for their breed. Even if you cannot go outside for a walk, you and your pet can still have fun loads of fun indoors.  
Why don’t you play a game of chase inside or roll a ball down the hall way. You can hide some treats or toys around the house for a find and seek game or even teach your pet a new trick or two!! This is physically and mentally challenging for your pet. Educational think toys (like the Aussie Dog toys, Kongs or Nina Ottosson toys) are also a great way for your pet to exercise mind and body because they provide so much entertainment and enrichment, especially the more challenging ones. Have fun, be safe and be warm!!


Catch You Soon

Lilly Xx


What information do I need before I purchase a puppy ?

What questions should I ask ? What material from the Breeder/Pet Shop/Backyard seller should I receive/request for my puppy?

Today I want to talk about information gathering before you receive your pet. Whilst not an advocate, I do acknowledge that some people go to pet shops or backyard breeders to obtain their pet. That is fine if you are provided with all the information necessary about your new family member. Unfortunately, backyard breeders do not necessarily do the right thing and pet shops (certainly in the past) sourced pets from these breeders and that is where the dreaded puppy farm phenomena was born.

Wherever you receive your pet you should know what questions to ask and you should be given appropriate information about that specific pet. My mum has compiled a brochure which will help you ask the correct questions. You will see its about my heritage so yep it’s all about me!! Just kidding!! What though I want you to note is the issues regarding characteristics especially if the breed of your pet is a cross, its health and grooming requirements.

Hope you have a good read.

Catch You Soon



Schnoodle care information _Blog 13

Walking To Support RSPCA To Stop Cruelty

Today I want to tell you why I am going to participate in the 2014 RSPCA Million Paws Walk. photo (3)

I, as my fellow dogs, love our parents.  We are loyal followers and will do anything for them even protecting them if they are threatened. In return we want our parents to love us, care for us and treat us as part of their family. The RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2014 is an important event because the money raised will help the RSPCA find the right home for dogs that have been abandoned or mistreated, where they can be loved and cared for as they deserve.

Animal cruelty is an abnormal act that should not happen in a civilised society. People have a responsibility to honour all animals. As our guardians and protectors humans should do their best to stamp out cruelty of any kind, this includes puppy farms and unscrupulous breeders.

People need more education as to what it means to have a pet. The statistics of a few years back suggest that nearly 40% of households have a dog ( This is great if the dog is treated well. It does sadden me though to know that some humans purchase a puppy as a Christmas or Birthday present without much thought as to who they are doing this for and whether the breed is a correct match for their family unit.

I know that sometimes, not always of course, the family’s treatment of their pet alters as the puppy ages and its cute puppy stage finishes, especially, when issues start happening e.g. chewing furniture. Why does this occur? Well I guarantee it’s because the family has not dealt with these issues early enough; so the cuteness in chewing as a puppy is not so cute as the pup gets older and the damage is larger. The pup was not taught the rules of the household or given enough stimulation. Dogs need direction, we are not mind readers, we need to be shown what is expected of us in a respectful way – no yelling, hitting or screaming at us; this means nothing and we just get confused. Anyway it’s probably after the event so we cannot associate what we did is not what you want.

This year we at Lillys Doggy Day Care are participating in the walk hoping the RSPCA will raise loads of money to help stop cruelty to animals. If you see us say hi – I’m the cheeky cappuccino Schnoodle!!!

Catch You Soon

Lilly Xx


Puppy Play Group

Puppy Play Group 2014

A puppy is a wonderful addition to the family. A new puppy brings lots of love and enjoyment into your home.  A puppy, however, may also bring many trials and tribulations as both they and your household adjust.

Puppy Play Group is a safe and positive environment for you and your newest family member to socialise with others and be provided with helpful information about services provided in your community, training, health and wellbeing of your pup and your responsibilities as an owner.

Playgroup includes a visit to Lillys Doggy Day Care, Morning Tea, Guest Speaker and FREE Gift Bag also including an invitation to the Christmas Party.

Saturday July 5th 2014


Black Forest Vet

Saturday August 2nd 2014     

Tori/ Krystal    images- wgging tail


Saturday September 6th 2014           

Dr Di Evans    


Saturday November 1st 2014

Fiona DeRosa 

APDT Trainer

Saturday December 6th 2014            

       Christmas Party

Where: Lillys Doggy Day Care

934 South Road


Time:               10 am – 12 pm

Cost:                $20 each session

Booking essential as limited to only 10 puppies per session

Call 8371 4445 or email


Puppy Play Group Promotion Flyer – Final 29052014



oodle 2Oodle 1

I thought I would comment on the grooming of Oodles – you know Cavoodles, Moodles, Groodles, Labradoodles, Spoodles and the like including those like me who are Schnoodles, because at Lillys Doggy Day Care some clients told us that they were not aware of how much care we Oodles need especially for making sure our coats are kept healthy. Actually we were told that breeders of their pet said their pet did not need any grooming. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!! Because of the nature of our coats if you do not keep up a very regular routine of combing us we tend to mat sometimes quite badly.

oodle 3

oodle 4 oodle 5 oodle 6

This is not good for our health and our coat looks terrible. We need at least 4 good combs a week and regular trips at least every 4-6 weeks to the groomer. Yep I bet you were not told about that!  My mum did her homework. Our coats differ so you might have two Cavoodles with quite different coats. There is a balance that you must weigh up, if you want a pet that does not shed its coat then the compromise is lots of care. We will reward you by our complete love and attention (actually we would do it anyway even if we shed).

The morale is do your homework know exactly what type of pet you want and why and then make sure wherever you obtain it from that you are given the full and frank facts and in writing. Take your time your pet is part of your family unit so will be with you for a very long time.

Catch You Soon

Lilly Xx



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