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Chocolate and Easter Eggs

It’s Easter time and we know what that means; lots of pretty and glossy paper wrapped around yummy Easter Eggs ready for giving and yep for dogs to find and eat. Like our human family we like sweets too and Easter Eggs are very sweet. Did you know that chocolate can cause serious illness and even death to dogs? Apart from caffeine found in the cocoa beans in chocolate, chocolate also contains the chemical theobromine. Theobromine can cause cardiac, kidney or neurological dysfunction in dogs because it is a stimulant much like caffeine. Unfortunately dogs do not metabolize theobromine well and this is what puts our health at  risk.  easter egg for blog 10Symptoms will normally appear 4-24 hours later and can include diarrhoea, vomiting and hyperactivity actually just like they can in humans. As the toxin is absorbed into the bloodstream your dog may suffer increased heart rate, increased urination and excessive panting, muscle tremors, coma, seizures and in the worst case death. So it is a serious issue to consider this Easter when the temptation to give your dog just a little bit of Easter Egg arises. This is not to say that there is controversy regarding the effects of chocolate on dogs. You might be saying, well my dog had some chocolate and he/she was fine. It might be luck or the fact that your dog is indeed able to cope with a little chocolate. It also depends on the type of chocolate. Dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate and small dogs suffer symptoms much quicker and more severely than large dogs. Here are a couple of good articles to read on the topic;; ;

Of course there are substitutes for dogs some companies make special Easter Eggs for dogs – try to find them if you already haven’t. For me I will stick to a real egg for my Easter treat with my mum writing all over it to make it look like a chocolate Easter Egg. Mum thinks I will not know the difference, I do but will not tell her!!!

easter dogI wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe Easter. Enjoy those Easter Eggs but please don’t give any to your dog just in case it is lethal for him or her.

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Lilly Xx

Lillys Doggy Day Care Retail Boutique


Lilly’s Doggy Day Care Retail Boutique

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Australian Pettreats                   Backed Biscuits            Beef                      $5.50     1 kg

Australian Pettreats                   Backed Biscuits            Beef                      $0.40   Each

$2.00 for 6

Australian Pettreats                   Backed Biscuits            Chicken                $5.50     1 kg

Australian Pettreats                   Backed Biscuits            Chicken                $0.40   Each

$2.00 for 6

Australian Pettreats                   Beef Liver Treats                                         $4.50     120 g

Australian Pettreats                   Beef Liver Treats                                         $2.50     60 g

Australian Pettreats                   Chicken Breast                                             $5.50     100 g

Australian Pettreats                   Lamb Liver Treats                                      $2.50     100 g

Australian Pettreats                   Duck Jerky                                                   $3.50     100 g

Australian Pettreats                   Roo Jerky                                                     $3.50     100 g

Next Generation Pet Food        Dental Stix                     Chicken               $0.90     Each

Next Generation Pet Food        Dental Stix                     Fish                      $0.90     Each

Next Generation Pet Food        Dental Stix                     Liver                    $1.10     Each

Pigs Ears                                                                                                              $1.70     Each

Sheep Ears                                                                                                           $1.50     Each

Chicken Necks                                                                                                    $0.65     Each

$1.80 for 3

Mixed Tarts                                                                                                         $1.40

Peanut Butter Cups                                                                                           $1.10

Learning With Reward

My thoughts this day relate to how you educate your dog. Education is not only important for humans it is also very important for we dogs as otherwise how do we know good behaviour from bad behaviour.  We talk to you by our bark, our posture and our mannerisms, we cannot tell you in words that we are sick or that we think ‘what you just asked us to do is silly’! We react best to praise and understanding that we have done the right thing by you. We do not like to be told off especially when you do it at a time that does not make sense to us, e.g. if you want us to sit tell us and praise us for doing so straight away because then we know that we hEducation- for blog 10ave done something good and we are rewarded for it. You might have heard the term positive dog training, positive reinforcement or rewarding your dog in its learning these terms seem to be the buzz words at the moment. It’s all about praising/rewarding us when we produce behaviour you would like from us.  Actually students of Psychology have known about this great technique for some time the dog training world seems to have finally caught up and now they are teaching dog owners to use positive learning methods. I remember when I was a pup and my mum took me to one place they called it ‘obedience training’ she really didn’t like the term but went as it was close. Well they wanted me to wear a check chain mum refused she wanted me to wear a harness they refused we compromised at that time and mum bought me a martingale for those sessions only.  Mum thought there must be a better way and finally found the Delta organisation that uses positive reinforcement techniques. She likes Delta as she remembers her old Psychology days where she did Animal Behaviour learning about this type of method. Learning is a two-way street, I learn from mum and she learns from me so we get along extremely well. I know I still have a way to go in learning the behaviour mum wants of me!!!  I found this article by the Australian Veterinary Association which talks about positive reinforcement or as they refer to it as “Reward-based training”,  have a read as I am sure it will help you understand how we learn best.


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Lilly Xx

Oral Health

images- little girl picture brushing teeth.

Our oral health is just as important as our coat and the food we eat. Actually sometimes the food we eat contributes to our oral health! Here are a couple of articles that I like on how to keep our oral hygiene in a healthy state:,

teeth itemsI like the information provided especially the 10 pointers because they are easy to follow and I like to know that I am being looked after.  I am not a fan of the tooth brush but I do like my dried food and other good things my mum gives me for my mouth, gums and teeth so that my teeth look good. Don’t forget our gums should be a nice healthy pink colour and our breadth shouldn’t smell bad.




Happy reading!

Catch You Soon

Lilly Xx

What is my body saying?

for blog 8 happy dog!Hi I want to talk about observing both my own and my other friend’s body language. I tell mum when I am happy, when I am scared or nervous. Last week I looked at what our tails tell you, today I want to ask you to look at the whole posture of a dog. Here is a diagram that shows you our posture and what it portrays.


This link to The Pet Professional Guild is a good read relating to body language in dogs  The diagram gives  a good indication of what we are telling you. Now I believe that you still need to treat this article as a guide because I am an individual just like you are and therefore you need to understand your dogs individualality. Sometimes I raise my paw, yep it does look rather cute but it means I might be uncertain about a matter or I am scared or anxious. I often raise my paw when I meet a fellow dog as a gesture to find out what is happening with this dog or to say hi are you ok with me. If I do not want to be disturbed I turn my head away. For example: if a dog does not what to be touched you will be given a signal; so watch. Have a read of this article which hopefully will give you a better insight on how to approach a dog and obtain their consent to be touched Now as it turns out most times I love attention so I am happy to be touched still watch my signals as there is the odd occasion that I prefer to be left alone!!!

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Lilly Xx




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