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Our Vision

Our Vision

Lillys Doggy Day Care is a day care and grooming service; a place for your dog that is distinctly different because it instils an environment that is caring, encourages fun in play and that is safe to each dog entrusted to it. Oriented towards using positive reinforcement techniques, no undue force is used in its approach in either in staff’s engagement with dogs during day care or when grooming a dog, is respectful of the dogs attending the centre, their guardians, staff and visitors and is contemporary in the way it provides its day care and grooming services. Lillys Doggy Day Care will continue to be creative in servicing the individual needs of dogs entrusted to its care and will bring employment satisfaction, opportunities and sustained economic benefit to its owner and staff.

Our Mission

To create a welcoming, caring, safe, fun and happy environment for dogs entrusted to Lillys Doggy Day Care during the day, to their guardians and to visitors and staff. Lillys Doggy Day Care will employ dedicated, committed staff who will take care of and treat each dog as if their own, who along with the owner wish to continuously improve, innovate and excel in providing exemplary and individual care to each dog entrusted to the care of Lillys Doggy Day Care, and, who are respectful, compassionate, act ethically and with integrity at all times.

Our Values

Lillys Doggy Day Care cares for dogs entering its premises. The owner and staff have a responsibility to embrace and follow these Values:

  • The welfare, health and safety of each dog under the care of Lillys Doggy Day Care is of paramount importance;
  • Dogs are not over crowded for their safety and they are looked after so they will be safe;
  • Force will not be used on any dog except for the use of muzzles in order to prevent injury to a person, the relevant dog or another dog.
  • Every member of Lillys Doggy Day Care is to be treated with respect and is to be respectful of any person entering the premises and dogs in their care;
  • Every member is entitled to work in a safe environment, to be treated with dignity and an understanding of their cultural needs;
  • Communication is important between staff. owner and guardian, everyone is equal and is to be heard;
  • Formality is not expected, titles if they exist are purely to define separate roles, everyone is to be known by their first name including the owner;
  • Every member will undertake their allocated roles honestly with professionalism and will be personally accountable;
  • Staff that take leadership, continuously seek improvement and take pride in their work are to be nurtured;
  • A workplace that provides staff with employment opportunities, is fair and provides a happy environment;
  • Teamwork is important, where every member is part of the one team and every member is expected to help the team.



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934 South Road
SA 5039

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Thusday
7.15 am - 6.15 pm
Friday Grooming by Appointment
Closed Monday, Public Holidays