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Lillys, The World Through My Eyes

Lillys, The World Through My Eyes

Summertime Fun

playing ball    thirsty    running through fields

I love the summertime, playing outside, special trips to the beach and park and most of all spending time with my mum and friends. All this fun can come with some problems though:

A sunburnt nose – I need a little sunscreen on the tip of my nose and some dogs also on the ears to protect our delicate skin from being burnt.

– with all this running around and having fun I forget to drink and as it is warmer than usual in this lovely Australian climate I can become dehydrated pretty quick.

Grass seeds
– Lots of fun running around outside and rolling in the dry lawn. Small problem when I get grass seeds stuck in my coat and paw as they can become imbedded in my skin or I can transfer them to my ears and eyes. Grass seeds not only are very uncomfortable, they can be painful and in particular can cause infection resulting in very costly vet bills. Mum checks my coat after each walk. Also please consider if it is it time for your pet to have a clip?

Fleas – The dry warm climate we have here in Australia is perfect for fleas to live and flourish so when I go for a little roll in the dirt out back I may pick up a freeloader or two.


Catch You Soon,

Lilly Xx



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